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Nebulae developer | The Vaastu

  • A Kitchen should never be in the south-west because it will endanger the health of residents. Notice that the south-west is the place of the cosmic anus, so placing the kitchen in this location is not favorable for health. Instead the south-west is the proper place for toilets, garbage and storage of things like tools.
  • The site should be square or rectangular. Sites with triangles, round shapes, with five corners or more, or having odd shapes should be avoided. Symmetry is the basis of Hindu aesthetics, Odd shapes “confuse” or otherwise obstruct the flow of energy and create an imbalance of energy. A shape such as a triangle does away with one whole flank of energy.
  • The treasury should never be located in the west or south-west. The deity of wealth resides in the north and so the financial part of a house should be in this position. As we have noted, the south-west is the place of negative energy, so one should avoid subjecting wealth to negative energy.
  • The meditation area ideally should be in the north-east, but should never be in the south-west. The north-east is God’s corner and the south-west is for less positive things. The placement for meditation is obvious.
             Finally, here is a sample home design that conforms to the principle of Vaastu Shastra. I provide this just to give a simple idea on how a building can be designed. There can be many many such designs.

              What I have described in this short discussion on Vaastu Shastra is only a basic outline of what is a detailed and complicated subject. In spite of this, I have provided the essence of the subject matter as far as residential homes are concerned. There can be endless designs and there are many ways to adjust the designs and even design methods andpujas that can be performed to settle or neutralize problems and defects in the site and even in existing homes.
imgVastu is not a religious related matter. There is no job for machine, mantra, ritual, protective thread and conjuring games in Vastu. It is a simple science based on absolute facts. Vastu applies for all your accommodations, irrespective of rental or owned.
Basically six important things which are the fundamentals of Vastu. These are the things keenly noted in the house/Factory/Office/Industry.
  • Plot should be Square Or Rectangle in shape.
  • Keep more empty Space in North & East direction when compared to South & West directions.
  • Main Entrance should be at the positive directions.
  • T-Junctions should be at the positive the positive corners.
  • Position of the staircase both at internal & external.
  • North-East Should be at lower level as against South-West, which should taller comparatively.
  • Choose the plots facing East/North directions. It is ideal to avoid the ones facing West/South directions, yet, not compulsory.
  • Choosing plots should be Square or Rectangular in Shape. Avoid Irregular shaped plots.
  • The construction should be more towards the South-West corner than to North-East corner.
  • There should be no closed building structures till the boundary of your site in any directions.
  • North-East should be light weighted as against South-West, which should be taller and heavy weighted comparatively.
  • There should be no extensions or cuts at the corners of the building.
  • Stumpy/low ground level in North-East and balanced/high level in all other directions is must for the building structure. (Please note that North-East relates to intellect/brain & North-West relates to psyche/mind)
  • Main Entrance : Irrespective of the direction, the main gate/door/entrance should be at (1), (2), (3), (4)(Positive Directions). It’s the same for room entrances too. The external gate/door/entrances should be numbered in (1), (2), (4), (6), (8) form.
    • Main Entrance facing East direction close to North direction.
    • Main Entrance facing North direction close to East direction.
    • Main Entrance facing South direction close to East direction.
    • Main Entrance facing West direction close to North direction.
  • Construction of lofts should be at West & South walls only.
  • Northwest is best suited for lavatories.
  • Length and breadth of the rooms do not have any impact as per Vastu.
  • The Seating position in lavatory should be in North facing OR South facing.
  • Don’t put high ceiling at any portion of the house.
  • Septic tank should be constructed at the North West Portion of the house.
  • Sump should be constructed at the Northeast portion of the house. Commrical vaastu :
                   Factories & Industries are considered to be a larger establishment. Since it is to constructed on a huge area the construction becomes very difficult when compared to residential buildings. Even though the vastu fundamentals or the principles broadly remain the same, differs in placing the heavy machineries, products, raw materials etc. Here comes some vastu tips that should be followed which are universally applicable in the construction of industries and factories.
  • The water plant which is undergrounded should be constructed at the North East portion of the total area.
  • Construct the buildings at the South West portion of the total area of the plot.
  • Place the heavy machineries and raw materials at the South West portion of the industries and factories.
  • Rooms which are used for stock of raw materials, should be at South West portion of the building.
  • Dump the waste materials the South West portion and Scrap at North West portion.
  • AC-Plant / Generator / Boilers / Furnaces should be kept at the South East portion.
  • Prefer to construct the Labour quarters outside factory / Industry premises.
  • It suits when higher officials cabin at the South West portion.
  • Conference hall can be lay at the North East portion.
  • For early dispatch of the finished goods please keep it at the North West portion of the building.
  • Overhead tanks should be constructed at the South West portion of the building
  • Nowadays life has become he tic in this metro world. Vastu is not considered in all the places by the people. But, one thing we have to consider that vastu is matter of peace in life. Everywhere in this world it is full of buildings, apartments and If vastu is not applied in the buildings there arise problems. If problem arises there come remedies. There are no compromises if a building is not applicable to vastu and there are no external remedies that can be offered for a problematic accommodation. Then, What are the remedies We have to consider in vastu? Remedies are not matters to money. It is considered to be the solution for the people who believe in vastu and nature. Remedies should as of natural. Natural remedies are the only thing makes the man to Survive with Success.

    As mentioned at the onset there are no external remedies that can be offered for a problematic accommodation. The best way is the alter it to a custom Vastu or to move away to a better place. However, the below listed points act as self-remedies:
  • If a widow, separated wife/husband, aged spinsters/bachelors, Physically challenged, couple without issues, orphans live (in house) or work (in case of business); the Vastu non-compliance gets nullified by itself to a greater extent.
  • By ideal destiny, if a person has to be moving higher in prosperity, the accommodation either adapts to any of the above self-remedy or circumstances will move the person away from the place to another better one.
  • Having Cow, petting a dog, feeding crows proves to be greatest remedy!
  • Choosing to buy/register properties in name of your wife/woman at home & running business with woman in your family front-leading will ensure prosperity.
  • Daily prayers offered to Sun (Surya Namaskar), regular prayers to your God as directed by your ancestors (Kula Devatha) will ensure safety for you at all times. Indulge and spend for renovation, maintenance of holy places, temples, Cow inhabitation (GhoShaala)
  • Help for education, offer clothing, aid for marriages to the needy/poor.
  • Ensure the spread of good deed in your house and business places. Money earned should not be against the rule of Dharma.
  • Ensure elders/parents are not left to suffer at any cost which will have an impact on judging the effects of your accommodation.
  • To have a cleansed mind and environment, the windows in the North-East, windows facing the North and East should be left opened 24X7.
  • Ensure not to earn, live out of the money earned via wrong deeds including from unfair money brokerage.

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