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Nebulae developer | The Architecture

The three dimensional field in which objects and events occur and relative position and direction, ESP a portion of that field set apart in a given instance or for a particular purpose. A physical environment having particular characteristic or used for a particular purpose. The passage of persons or things from one place to another or through an area. Movement, passage or change one from. State, or place to another. A space occupying an intermediate place on position, esp., to serve as an intermediary between differing forms, structures, or functions. Circulation. A route or course along which movement occurs, or the pattern of such movement. A line or narrow part where an, area begins or ends. A place or point of entering or Beginning. Nebulae developer is carefully studying your project and making for valuable design..
imgTwo spaces abutting or contiguous with each other esp. when having a common boundary, or border.
img Two spaces joined or connected by A third intervening space.
img Two spaces interwoven or fit into each other so as to form a zone or field of shared space.
img A space enveloped or incorporated as an essential part of a larger space.
img Spaces extended, arranged or liked along a line path. Or gallery.
img space gather about or coming together at a large or dominant central space.
img Radial organization space arranged like radii or rays form a central space or core.
img Grid or organization Space Grouped collected, or gathered closely together and related by proximity rather than geometry.
img Space grouped, collected or gathered closely together and related by proximity rather than geometry

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