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Nebulae developer | Light Design

The ratio of luminous flux emitted by the lamps in the luminare.
A down light mounted closed to the plane of a wall and equipped with a reflector, baffle or lens to illuminate the vertical surface Track lighting : lighting provided by adjustable spotlights mounted along a narrow. Ceiling or wall mounted metal trace through which current is conducted.
Indirect lighting directed upward or downward from a light source concealed by a horizontal board or band.
A desk lamp having a flexible shaft resembling the neck of a goose .
A floor lamp having its light source within a reflection bowl that light source of 1 to 10 watts. Troffer A luminaries having a trough shapes reflector holding one or more fluorescent lamps.
A Lighting fixture suspended from a ceiling Chandelier A decorative lighting fixture suspended from a ceiling, usually having branched supports for a number of lams.
A light source having significant dimensions in two directions, as a large window or a luminous ceiling
The science, theory or method of providing illumination through the use of electric lamps.
Lighting designed to provide a relatively high level of illumination over a small area. With a surrounding area of lower intensity from spill light.
  Superfluous or useless light rays, as from a spotlight or other focused light source. Also called spill light.
Indirect lighting directed upward from an interior cornice at the edge of a ceiling
Indirect lighting directed downward from an interior of a ceiling. Bridge Lamp A floor lamp having the light source on a hinged horizontally adjustable arm.
A lighting fixture suspended from a ceiling or wall by a flexible cord, by which it can be raised or lowered.
A light source having a maximum dimensions less than fifth the distance from the source to the surface intimated.
A light source having one dimension significantly greater that it other dimension, as a fluorescent lamps.
A decorative wall bracket for candles of other light.
Lighting designed to provide a uniform level of illumination throughout an area
White plaster 90% - 92% Lime Stone 35% - 60%
White Terracotta 65% - 80% Stand Stone 20% - 40%
White porcelain 60% - 83% Marble 30% - 70%
Alabaster veined 50% - 70% Colored 20% - 30%
Gray cement 20% - 30% Granite 20% - 30%
Brick – Red 10% - 20% Light Buff 40% - 45%
Dark Buff 35% - 40% Fibre Board 30% - 75%
Plaster Board, Gypsum Bop 80% White structural glass 75% - 80%
Plastic Translucent white 30% - 75% Vinyl 36% - 75%
Light Brick 35% - 50% Light Oak 25% - 35%
Dark Oak 10% - 15% Mahogany 6% - 12%
Walnut 5% - 10%    
Vegetation average 25% Dark Green Grass 10% Dry Grass 35%  
New 75% - 90% Old 50% - 70%
Al Paint 60% - 70% Chromium 63% - 66%
White 80% Ivory Light 71%
Apricote Peach 66% Lemon Yellow 65%
Ivory Dark 59% Light Buff 56%
Peach 53% Parchment 53%
Pale apple green 51% Pale Blue 51%
Light Green 45% Deep rose 41%
Dark Green 12% Black 9%
Black 1% Deep Black velvet 1%
Ceiling 70% - 90% Walls 45% - 70%
Floors 10% - 40% Furniture and Machines 25% - 45%
Desk and bench tops 25% - 50% Min Reflectance of wall 40%

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