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Nebulae developer | Electrical Service

                                       In this electrical field, known for Quality Control & Inspection, we also implement Quality Assurance Plans with a panel of experts specially appointed for this purpose. We always keep pace with latest technology and international standards, while offering a wide range of turnkey services.

                                       Nebulae developer offers Electrification, erection of transformers, panels, cable trays, cable laying & termination, Point wiring both open & concealed, office lighting works - mirror optic, decorative lights. Flood lighting works, erection of anti-static mats, earthling, erection of Battery banks. Fire alarm system, Smoke detecting system and PA system, Occupancy & motion sensors, Cable tray erection and Fabrication works and any other electrical services.

Architect consulting in electrical filed our service
  • Complete electrical designing layout(switches, sockets & DBs) – all floors
  • Lighting & accessories layout – all floors
  • Electrical working Drawings
  • Main panel board design
  • External Lighting layout
  • Illumination valium design.
  • Preparation of tenders / BOQ Electrical License
  • Electrical inspectorate work, Designing of EHT / HT Installation
  • Designing of LT / Internal Electrification
  • Making Proposals for Electrical Installations
  • Managing and Execution of Projects
  • Drawings Approval from CEIG & Obtaining Safety Certificate
  • Getting approval for new installation
  • Approval for additional / modification/ alteration/generators’, etc.
  • All types of E.B. Panels Metering panel
  • C.T. Metering panel All types of M.V. - LV PANELS
  • Build In With De-Coupling Inductors – Primary /Secondary Surge Protectors
  • All Type Of Power Distribution Panel
  • Automatic Power Factor Correction Panel (APFC PANEL) Conventional Type
  • Static Type with De-Tuned Harmonic Filters (Thyristor / Static switch) Motor Control Center for All Types of industries
  • ETP/STP (Sewage Treatment Plant Panel)
  • R.O Panel for water treatment plant
  • HVAC Panel for chilling plant with BMS provision
  • Starter Panels With VFD
  • Variable Speed Drive Panels
  • PLC based logical panels for specific condition
  • Cascading panels
  • Fire Fighting – Engine Driven Pump Panel
  • Complete Range Of Bus Ducts / Rising Mains Bus ducts / Rising mains designed for efficient power distribution and to give the flexible needed for modern high rise building commercial complex, industrial plant and production unit , Nebulae developer Will listen to your needs, anticipate your expectations, help you achieve comprehensive range of services with best technically support and top productivity as you require
  • Supply & Erection Of HV indoor / Outdoor substation, outdoor structure / Transformer breaker work installation
  • All Types Of MV/LV Panels
  • Bus Duct , Raising mains ,Cable trays
  • HV/LV Cable Laying & Termination Control cable & termination
  • Complete Cold loop checking of controls
  • MCC panels / All types of starter panel erection & testing
  • Testing and commissioning of controls / Relay logical panel as per required logic
  • Complete Range Of Motors Erection Testing & Commissioning
  • CGenerator Erection & Licensing
  • Earthing ,Conventional type ,Chemical type ,Lighting ,Street light erection ,High mask erection
  • Weather / Flame Proof Type Lighting Switch Gears
  • Wiring ,G.I conducting ,M.S conducting ,P.V.C conducting