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Nebulae developer | Architecture

                             Nebulae developer undertake all type of Architectural design work like Architectural planning, 3D Animation model, Elevation work, Structural details drawing , Working drawing with construction details, building renovation detail drawing, site master plan, layout preparation services, Any other services drawing make incidental to successful completion of the project.

Nebulae developer focused on providing Architect design and Interior design services at Affordable cost in all over India.

                 Nebulae developer focused on providing services like Architect plan, Scheme Drawing, Approval Plan, Structural Drawing, Working Drawing for Site Construction, 3D Model for Building Elevation, Plumbing Plan, Electrical Layout Plan, Lighting design, Carpentry Detail Drawing, Joinery Drawing, Floor Design With material specification, sump working drawing, water tank drawing, sanitary drawing. Any other drawing services incidental to successful completion of the project.

Nebulae developer adopt the following stage wise Architect design service
First Stage :
  • Site plan with patta
  • Scheme drawing
  • We can update the drawing based on the Client speciation vaastu Requirement
  • Approval drawing
  • 3d perspective
  • Compound wall design
Second Stage :
  • Detailed Working drawing
  • Structural drawing
  • Detailed elevation drawing
  • Detailed section drawing
  • Electrical scheme drawing
  • Plumbing scheme drawing
  • Sump drawing
  • Septic tank drawing
  • Water tank detail drawing
Third Stage :
  • Detailed electrical drawing
  • Detailed plumbing drawing
  • Detailed Carpentry drawing
  • Detailed floor design drawing & specification
  • Wall color specification
  • Detailed compound wall drawing
  • Detailed grill & other drawing
  • Any other completion drawings
Final Stage :
  • Completion of project
  • What are the sub detail drawing preparation

All floor plans with detailed measurement
Elevations & Sections with all detail
Detailed Wall Section
Staircase and handrail details
Details of Joinery, M.S. grill,
Compound Wall etc.
Details of site plan,

Foundation layout & footing details
Beam design with detailed speciation
Column design with detailed specification
Lintel layout design
Roof slab & beam layout – for all floors
Staircase head room /Lift machine room details
Overhead Water tank details
Underground sump details

Electrical layout (switches, sockets & DBs) – all floors
Lighting & accessories layout – all floors
Main panel board design
External Lighting layout
Illumination volume design

Sanitary layout – all floors
Water supply layout – all floors
Rainwater disposal/harvesting layout – at site level
Septic tank design & details
Rainwater Harvesting-at building level.